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Complimentary Golf Body-Motion Analysis
  • Quickly and Easily Have Your Golf Body-Motion Analyzed!
  • Discover the Key Physical Imbalances in Your Golf Body that are Most Contributing to Your Identified Golf-Motion Issues and Causing Unwanted Stress and Strain in Your Body!
  • Learn the Best Total Golf Performance Enhancement Solutions to Improve Your Golf Body, Your Golf Body-Motion, and Reduce Injury Potential when you Play Golf - for Good!
There's a famous quote, "A picture is worth a 10 thousand words."  And, when it comes to identifying the 'physical' causes behind a golfer's full swing compensations, a 'video' is worth even more! 

Based on the law of 'Structure governs Function', there are always 'structural' causes in every golfer's body that are responsible for the one or more flaws in their full swing motion ('function').  As a Physical Therapist, Bio-mechanics and Golf-specific Physical Performance Specialist, Dr. Paul Callaway, is trained to evaluate how your golf body 'structure' (i.e. posture, balance, flexibility, strength, stability, and endurance/control factors) specifically affects the motion ('function') of your golf swing.

In other words, not only can he help answer the all-important question of 'why' you swing the way you do... but he can help you 'correct' your 'structure' and 'function' swing performance issues - for good! 

Therefore, when you send Dr. Callaway your golf body-motion video through the simple, easy-to-follow, directions that you can 'instantly' download after you enter your name and email address above, Dr. Callaway will quickly go to work to produce your golf address posture and full golf body-motion analysis. 

Within 48 hours, Dr. Callaway will email his full written report including photos and descriptions of the 'physical/structural' elements within your body that are causing your identified swing flaws.  And, Dr. Callaway will schedule a brief (10-15 minute), follow-up consultation over the phone or via FaceTime/Skype to discuss your golf body-motion analysis, and the 'custom' total golf performance training options recommended for you to most effectively improve your swing performance results.

NOTE!  The regular value for the combined full, golf-motion analysis, consultation and total, customized, golf swing performance recommendations with Dr. Callaway is $250.00. Take advantage of this opportunity to save now...while it lasts!
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